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Bille Brown shares his memories of his mother
in this exclusive copyrighted video

My interview this week is with iconic Shakespearean theatre actor Bille Brown, 57, and yes, that's how he spells it. He studied drama at the University of Queensland, and worked for many years as a writer and actor on stage before getting his first film job in 1995 in the film "Fierce Creatures."
Since then he has completed 12 other feature films including Dirty Deeds, Oscar & Lucinda, Unfinished Sky and At World's End.
Brown also directs, produces, sings, acts and writes. He made his Broadway debut (first as a playwright, and two years later as an actor).
But ten years ago, the Queenslander returned to Brisbane. He's been working non-stop ever since, with a few TV roles thrown in for fun.


Click HERE for the interview